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Dog Parker – When you need to make a quick stop with your dog , leave him with a dog parker with your memebship card.

Dog Parking Product based on Raspberry Pi ( B+) [Year 2015]  and RFID RC522 with 12V electromechanical lock and cloud.

Member buys a subscription at per minute, she gets an RFID key a card or a key-chain format .

In city where-ever she finds a dog parker unit,  she can open the lock with RFID key.
The lock will open if there is funds in online account of hers.    After she is done with shopping and takes dog out,  the $ balance in online and local cache is updated.

The database is synchronised between cloud and local so that in case of internet connectivity loss it still works

dogparker RFID RC522 software programming and sensors
dogparker RFID RC522 software programming and sensors

rc522 RFID sensor with raspberry pi during design and development stage. Rc522 RFID sensor with raspberry pi during design and development stage.


The Golf Project

Waggle Plotting in 2d and 3d .

Reworked sensors, and redid hardware + firmware of existing system, The system had never worked in last 1.5 years by anyone.
Due to drifts and noise it was impossible for previous contractors to get a desired accuracy of even 20 mm,   current system accuracy in prototype is under 3 mm.




This is a completely different project , with golf ball, though the club and the ball can “Talk” with a protocol over wireless link.

Below is the original version that didn’t work due to large arduino boards,
A more powerful and smaller custom system had replaced it later.

No photos and technical details will be shared for NDA reasons.



Precision Robot Controller Design with real time protocol :


A Wifi Thermostat with touch panel with online licensing & subscription .

It works remotely with android app where user can set temperature before entering home.

Multiple device talks to an android tablet sitting on a table.

The product has ability to detect smoke & Fire, lpg ( leakage ) , optional bluetooth connectivity , direct cable connection to pc for upgrading firmware.
A motion sensor ensures that if there is no movement  in room for X hours/days heaters and coolers have to be stopped.



Canbus and kline

Here is a Flasher I built to read  and write a k-line device of a bike using FTDI dll.
Programming language used including conversion from a legacy visual basic 6 software

Custom software built to specification

  • kline-reader-writer
  • custom-kline-vb6-vb-net-app-flasher

Car baby monitor

Monitors baby on a car set,  besides hardware the device is designed i 3d studio max and 3d printed.

It has 2 part, a key-chain and a seat belt clip on. Prototype is bulky .



Rainfall monitor based on raspberry pi and 28BYJ stepper motor

An outdoor bucket gets filled with rain water and triggers a rotation on gpio pin which further executes a sequence of stepper motors conditionally.

Result is an awesome display of rainfall reading.

28BYJ is very accurate with gear train and requires very little current that can be run with just an uln2003 driver.

It is a very innovative concept , due to NDA details cannot be provided.

rainfall monitor