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Development from core circuit design , pcb design, case design & 3d-printing all in one , Phone Apps to control/Read hardware all in one package.

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Time lapse 360 photography – Home made 360 camera for $30

Time lapse 360 panorama photography camera built with home made raspberry pi 2 vr camera. The design is inspired with - - William Herschel Telescope Instead of multiple cameras there are just 2 for stereo vision . This camera is not meant to record live videos since motor speed is below 30 rpm. Mounted Cameras are IP cameras and take about 1/2 second from shoot command to processing and saving in a folder. Each photo has it's own folder. Except for motor gearbox it is full 3d-printed platform, not meant for production or use everyday but just for testing. On the right there is a google cardboa...

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Past few projects

Temperature monitor and alert software for a multi-sensor control system

Defect tracking in metal sheet on production line using image recognition


These guys are the most dedicated programmers i have ever had the pleasure to do business with, not only are they highly skilled but their i...
Joe Dee
"An undeniable talent in Android development and embedded systems projects. He is reliable, great communicator, open to try unconventional m...
Nadeem Qandeel
One of the best freelancers I have the had the pleasure to deal with. His bid was excellent and the quality of the work was tops. He deliver...
By Nick Foster
“He took on enormously complex problem and came up with an elegant solution that greatly simplified the task. Without this creative solution...
Dr. lawrence Weathers
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